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Learn To Design Your Own Property With The Help Of An Experienced Permaculture Designer

Join our online community and get professional permaculture advice to help you build a sustainable, productive, and efficient homestead.



If you want to live sustainably, grow your own food with as little work as possible, and create a self-sufficient lifestyle, you need to learn permaculture.


But most people run into several problems at the beginning

Problem #1

You don't know where to begin

Problem #2

Your schedule and/or budget won’t let you attend an in-person or online course

Problem #3

A consultant and their pricing is way out of your range

I have good news! This course will solve all those problems so you can start moving toward the design and lifestyle of your dreams.

I've been where you are, when I caught the permaculture bug I searched for what to do and how to do it and I wanted to learn as fast as I could, but what I wanted more was to start doing!

I've spent thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars learning and developing landscape for myself and others. I have also made countless mistakes which set me straight, so I understand what you’re going through.

I've taught thousands of students, certified hundreds, in person and reached thousands more online. Through my demonstrator teaching style, I am confident you will gain a deep understanding of how to design with permaculture. Through lessons of past cultures and educators, I’ll be able to show you a roadmap to sustainability. 

Over and over when talking with students, they’ve told me they are MOST interested in the content of the permaculture design course. And secondary to most, is the permaculture design certification, many say they could take it or leave it. Whether that’s you or not, this course gives you the opportunity to choose what fits best for you and then delivers it.

This Permaculture Design Course

  • Is the globally recognized permaculture course originated by Bill Mollison, the father of permaculture.
  • Is an affordable and flexible permaculture design course format, accessible to you no matter what your budget or schedule.
  • Is unlimited! Meaning there’s no time limit to when you start or when you complete the course - that’s all up to you!
  • Is scalable. It is a design system that works on both small and large landscapes. From apartment patios to suburban yards, to farms and ranches, to entire ecoregions.
  • Is perfect for re-watching later and referencing the details when you are in the installation process of projects that are going slowly over time.

Student Benefits

In-Depth Video Lessons

Whether a novice or experienced in permaculture, you will enjoy the detailed teachings. Technical details are given for many categories including: earthworks, food forests, gardens and more.


Join the private Facebook group made available only to students of the School of Permaculture. Ask questions, get answers, share resources and experiences, and get involved with a community that is like-minded.

Direct Access to Nicholas

Spend time with Nicholas weekly, to get your permaculture questions answered. Enjoy updates about what’s going on with the Burtner Homestead and Farm.


Here is what students have to say:

Rocio Velis

"...the way that this course has helped me is that I am capable of making landscape assessments and to design accordingly, and also now have access to many tools that can help me with these tasks..."


Bianca Jandrisevits & Ben Utz

"...rarely in my life have I learned so much about anything so well structured. The classes are so well thought through. From not knowing anything about permaculture and farming we now, thanks to this course, got the tools and resources to look up how to start from scratch to develop a property..."


50+ Hours of Content

w/ many more hours of Q&A

Weekly Live Q&A

Get your questions answered live

Private Facebook Group

Talk with senior students

Professional Guests

Get more detail with professionals

Learn to design your own property with the help of an Experienced Permaculture Designer


Want to learn how to grow your own food, harvest rainwater, read the landscape and design a permaculture property for yourself and others? You’ll need specific directions on how to do it.

Join our online community and be guided by a detail oriented permaculture educator who will guide you step by step and offer help where needed, regardless of your level of experience.



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Permaculture changed our lives and we know the power it has to change others lives. To get you back to the land, back to your family and back to generating your own resources. That’s a gift we can’t hold on to, we must give it away!

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Permaculture Design Course Options




Top Features

  • DISCOUNTED (originally $50/m)

  • Ongoing access to ALL course content

  • Private FB Group Access

  • Access to 1-on-1 online consultation

  • Exclusive Invitations to Guest Instructors




Most Popular

  • Ongoing access to ALL course content
  • Private FB Group Access
  • Access to 1-on-1 online consultation

  • Exclusive Invitations to Guest Instructors
  • *SPONSOR 2 STUDENTS in developing countries
  • *Professional, 1 hour virtual consultation with Nicholas about a design project 



Certification Level

  • $800 for certification opportunity
  • Auto enrollment into $25 monthly Permaculture Member Level
  • Private FB Group Access
  • Access to 1-on-1 online consultation

  • Exclusive Invitations to Guest Instructors
  • Permaculture Design Certificate from School of Permaculture (after project/course expectations are met)

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