Transition To Your Land

Now is the time to get out of the city

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In this online course you will learn what to focus on when you move on to land.


This course is perfect for anyone who wants to know the areas to focus on to move on to land. It is designed specifically for the people who want to know exactly how to transition from their current living situation to their dream home in the country.

There are 7 sections included in the course plus a Q&A from other students of the course. they sections cover these topics

  • Water
  • Shelter
  • Food
  • Power
  • Community
  • Bonus 1 - First buildings to start with in transition
  • Bonus 2
  • Q&A

Solar Wiring Diagram

Tiny but mighty off grid solar system plans plus a buy list with links

Real World Water Tank Calculations

Learn how to really decide how much water you really need.

Learn What To Focus On Right away

Don't make the same mistakes I did. Get on the right track right away and know what to do and what to build immediately.

Take Course Now

What you'll get:

  • Video course
  • Itemized spreadsheets
  • Direct buy links for items (no searching)
  • Diagrams
  • More plans to be added later

It is time...

So many people have already taken this course and given excellent feedback on how much they needed this course. I am confident you will find this course very useful. And if for whatever reason you don't. I give a 100% money back guarantee

Move To Your Land Now

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